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Small Groups meet regularly and are intentionally deep in God's Word.

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Wednesdays 6:15pm

We have dinner and then share the ups and downs of life together.  We meet at Jim and Karen Wirt’s house and our mission is to love God and love people, and to enjoy God’s amazing love and grace!  For more information, send us a note and we'll get you in touch with this amazing group.

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Conversation is the substance of every relationship. Conversation with God is the substance of our relationship with Him as well. There are definite occasions when we need to join with others in these conversations. Together we listen to the voice of God, we intercede on behalf of one another and we intercede on behalf of others.

Sundays 8:00 - 9:00 am

Center Church's Welcome Center

this group is open

find your life group

Life Groups are exactly what they sound like - groups of Believers doing life together. This is a great place to come together with people who have like interests - fitness, sports, knitting, empty nesters and parents of littles... Here we share life experiences and explore life through the lens of being a Jesus Follower.

2nd + 4th Saturdays

9:00 am

Center Church kids assembly area

This group is open to any women

Are you on your own health & wellness journey and interested in connecting with other women who share this interest? This is a faith-filled fellowship for women of all ages and fitness levels who have endeavored (or would like to endeavor) to establish healthy life habits. Our time together will consist of any combination of physical activity, prayer, Bible study, and group discussions about topics such as discipline, consistency, self-control, fitness, nutrition and stewardship. This is a space where women can find encouragement, accountability, fellowship, grace-filled iron-sharpens-iron friends. 


(Disclaimer: We are not experts. We are not promoting a particular program or nutrition plan. We are just friends looking for friends we can walk alongside and encourage in this health & wellness journey.)