a brief history

In the mid-1990s, college pastors and a group of 40 students from Chi Alpha Campus Ministry began gathering each Sunday on the campus of Oklahoma State University. We shared a vision of reaching the campus and the community of Stillwater, and training and sending leaders who would be difference-makers around the world.


Although our group began with college students, we grew quickly as families and others from the community joined with us. Together, we focused on passionate worship, training and equipping believers, and finding creative ways to reach outside the walls of the church and impact the community around us.


Today Center Church is a beautiful blend of college students, adults and families who are committed to God and to each other. Together, we live out our faith and grow in our relationship with Jesus as we encourage and equip one another to make God the center of our lives and join together to love our city in real and tangible ways.

(For more information, don't miss our documentary below.)

an assembly of God church

We are an affiliate church of the Assemblies of God denomination. This partnership provides support for our congregation, including resources for Center Kids, including summer camp and opportunities to support missionary work. 

As an example, our kids collect an annual offering, which supports the Assemblies' Boys & Girls Missionary Challenge (BGMC). This is both a beautiful opportunity help our kids learn to steward what they are given, and an opportunity for them to be a blessing to kids in another nation. The proceeds of this work support an orphanage in Thailand. And that's just cool.

a documentary

On the occasion of our 25th anniversary, here is a look back at where we've been so far.