Our staff is the driving force behind the day to day ministry of Center Church. These servant leaders provide support and organization to help the rest of us accomplish the work to which we are called. 

BrianAbraham +


Lead Pastors

Hello. We are the Brian and Mariah Abraham. Both born and raised in Oklahoma, we originally came to Stillwater for higher education, fell in love with our beautiful city, and never left! Serving both at Center Church and Langston University Chi Alpha, we are passionate about making Christ known and seeing lives radically changed by the power of God. 


Small Group Coordinator

Hello. My name is Reagan Mitchell, and I serve as the Small Group Coordinator at Center Church. As a recent college grad, a self-proclaimed bible fanatic and a lover of people and fellowship, I feel like I couldn’t have designed a ministry that more accurately plays to my God-given passions than this one. 

Center Church has been my church-home for years, and is, in so many ways, where my love for God began to inform my plans for my life. In short, I am uber passionate about biblical engagement, and transformation as a result, family commitment and radically-relational discipleship. All of what I do, or what I hope to do, at Center Church as the Small Group Coordinator can be summed up in those three things. 

In college, I was involved with a ministry that started me on a path that has helped to convince me of the importance of small groups in the larger church culture. Small groups create families, and families create legacies and spiritual lineages. I hope that our church is full of those long after my time in Stillwater is up. If you want to know more about me, this ministry or anything else, I’d love to sit down over a cup of something good, preferably coffee, and tell you anything you want to know. I want to know you, so don’t hesitate to reach out. In case you can’t find me at church, I’m the girl with the crazy curly hair and the bellowing laugh-- come up and say hi!


Center Kids Coordinator



Worship Leader +

Community Care Coordinator

Hello. My name is Sandra Kelly and I'm the worship leader and community care coordinator at Center Church. I graduated with my degree in Music Education from Oklahoma State University and spent ten years teaching in public schools, churches and a private school at a children's home. I taught elementary education, intermediate mathematics, physical science, biology and music.

I’ve been a member of Center Church since 2014, drawn by the tremendous passion of the church to care for families and our passion for worship. I couldn't have found a better fit. All praise and glory goes to God as I worship. His example of compassion and sacrifice compels me to show His unique love to those in need around us. 


Evangelism Strategies Coordinator

Howdy. I am Renee, my driving passion these days is equipping Center Church to live their faith outloud. I also oversee the communication processes, like this website and our livestream. I graduated from OSU with a degree in Public Relations. My husband, Andy, and I have raised four kids here in Stillwater, and have been a part of this church for eight years. (Well, we were also here about two years back about 2002. We were very happy to return home in 2012.)  

I also now wear the title Cancer Warrior. What I love most about that title is the many ways I see God faithful - not because I have survived, but because He never, ever left me. Every day I am wrapped in His arms and I know His presence. I’m also really excited to have hair again. Especially eyelashes.