Your go-to stop for the details of what's coming up at Center Church

  • Packing Days

    May 1, 11 + 18

    Packing + disassembling the inside of the building. Spend an hour or the day. We need hands, feet and trucks.  Let us know you're available here

  • Put me in, Coach!

    You ready to get to the work? Cuz we just leveled up on the ministry needs. The regular work of ministry always keeps us busy, and now, we're also moving the church. If you are feeling that Holy Spirit nudge to lend a hand, let us know. We're ready! You can email Renee right here and let her know. (Or you know, send a text. That works too.)

  • Center Kids: Camp

    July 22 - 26

  • Changes in the giving...

    We are in the midst of several exciting changes in our communications platforms. The first of those is a new giving platform. Now when you give online, your tithes and offerings are processed through Subsplash Giving.  

    If you encounter any surprises, or have any questions with this change, we are here to help. Operators are standing by. Well... one operator. It's Renee. But she's available right here. Or, text... or phone call.