planning a visit?

Center Church is home to people who have been in church basically forever and people who have literally never set foot inside a church. Both find a comfortable place and a family here. We would be honored to meet you.

Sunday worship time

Totally honest - we just enjoy time together. Sunday mornings for our worship time is our most common - and our biggest - gathering. It is also the time most people plan a visit.

When you arrive, the first thing you need to know is the front door is on the back side of the building. Yeah, it's weird. But the place was originally built to be Wyatt's Cafeteria back in the 80s. We park on the south side, and enter through the doors on the east side. Sunday mornings, you'll usually find someone there to meet you.

Once you're inside the door, we can help you find Kid Check or the coffee - depending on your level or need and morning priority.


about worship service...

Dress is comfortable, so wear what you'd like. Most people in our congregation are wearing casual clothes - jeans or slacks, maybe a casual dress. (Nobody wears a suit.)

Service usually begins with our music-driven worship time, which is mostly contemporary worship songs. After a commercial break, the second half of worship service includes a message brought by  our pastor, an elder, staff, member or a friend. 

If you're bringing some little ones with you, they are welcome to join the kids in Center Kids. They are also welcome to stay with you in worship service - entirely up to you. There is more information available on our Center Kids page.

but don't stop there.

Sunday is a great place to visit, but there is so much more to being a follower of Jesus than the corporate worship on Sunday mornings. We encourage you to find other opportunities to grow in your understanding of God, His love for you, and to grow in your relationship with Him. Small groups are great for that! You might want to start with a Connect Group or a Get To Know Us a Lunch. When you're ready for more information, holler at our Connections Coordinator. She really would love to help you find those connections. (See what we did there?)

1571 Cimarron Plaza

Center is located in the old Cimarron Plaza shopping center. We are just north of the Stillwater High School, on Boomer Road.

If you're new to Stillwater, you might not know yet that Main Street and Washington merge into the same road as you drive north in the north-central part of town. This conglomerate road is called Boomer Road, as it runs along the west side of Boomer Lake. It gets even more confusing on the south side of town. We can save that for a later conversation. So, there you go - more than you wanted to know about the bizarre street names in Stillwater, Oklahoma.