Center Church has met in the Stillwater Community Center for the last 8 years.  While this has been a great opportunity for us, our leadership longs for a building where God will amplify the work He is doing through our church.  We desire to be planted in our community and be a blessing to our neighbors,  community  and city. 

Much to our delight, a building just north of Stillwater High School in Cimarron Plaza is available. The location provides strategic opportunities for outreach to high school students as well as individuals and families in surrounding apartments and neighborhoods. It will be accessible to us 24/7 for a little more than our rental of the Community Center on Sunday mornings and current offices space. The facility meets our needs and expectations for future ministries.  

Our church family is working hard on the remodel of the building, and something resembling a church building is beginning to emerge.  

A photo album of the progress is posted on our Facebook page.