leadership academy

The Leadership Academy is a year-long leadership development program that aims to cultivate growth among emerging and current church leaders. The aim of the program is to develop Christ-like character, personal growth, relational intelligence and discipline-specific skills among its participants so that we can serve the body of Christ and the greater community with greater effectiveness. We believe God has established leadership as an avenue for His holiness and love to be experienced by His people and reflected in the world. We trust that this academy will help our church fulfill its mission in our community and around the world!

It is always helpful to know what level of engagement is expected of you before you join something new. So, we wanted to outline some expectations for group participants before you started filling out the application. Participants should expect to make the following monthly commitments:

  • Actively participate in the monthly seminar on the second Friday of every month beginning on February 12th. Each seminar will cover two primary themes of leadership. Teaching, personal reflection, and small group discussion can be expected for each seminar. Seminars will begin at 6:30pm and include dinner. All seminars will end by 9pm.

  • Participants can expect to engage in another 3-5 hours worth of reading, reflection and/or exercises each month outside of the allotted seminar time. Participants will be expected to give their heart and mind space to digest the material for the sake of lasting change and not merely treat the assignments as something to ‘get through.’

  • All required reading will be provided. At the conclusion of each seminar, the facilitator will clearly communicate the expectations for reading, reflection and exercises throughout the month. Preparatory work will be key for the conversation at the next seminar and the overall growth of the group.

  • There will be a group project during the academy. Because of the time needed for the project, required reading will not be assigned during that month.