Momentum Groups at Center Church

Churches, by and large, are big. There’s relativity in what classifies something as big, but most would agree that the bread and butter of life lived together is not possible among 200 people. We can love all people in our church, we can agree on Jesus and pursue his peace in our body, but can we know all people at the level that promotes healthy growth and life change? Our short answer is no, no we can’t. 

That is where Momentum Groups come in. These are small groups, meant to be an additive to the rhythm of life for people in our church. Your small group functions almost as your family within your family. You and your group meet throughout the week, break bread, pray for one another and dive into the word together. 

It is our hope for our church body in this season and beyond, and our belief based on what we see in scripture about the early church, that this type of life lived together is the stuff that produces eternal kingdom fruit and a harvest of souls. Ephesians 4 tells us that the proper working of each part is what builds the body, the church, up in love. You have a place in this ministry if you are a part of the body of Christ. We need to be trained up in intimate relationships with other believers, and that training can start in a small group. 

Short and sweet of it is this: we need each other. In the mundane, messy, miraculous and miscellaneous moments of life. We need each other. We allow the momentum of one another to carry us, encourage us and push us. Our faith, the mission of Jesus, and the hope we hold for eternity all share a common denominator and it is this: the love of Jesus expressed in and through the ones that He loves. It’s that simple. We need opportunities to engage with people, to support people, to honor people, to disagree and to reconcile, and we hope that small groups will offer each person in our church the opportunity to do this, and to do it well. 

If this, life with Jesus and life with his people, is at all appealing to you, then do not hesitate to reach out to our small group coordinator, Reagan Mitchell, or any of the other Center Church staff members. The world can tell who we are and whose we are by our love for one another. Our prayer is that now, now more than ever, Center Church’s allegiance to and love for Jesus would be evident in the way that we love those who live with us, week to week, day to day and moment to moment because that is how the world will come to know Jesus, and nothing is more important than that. 






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