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because we have been given so much.

Love like Jesus

One of our Core Values at Center Church is Every Member Ministry. This means, in part, that we are committed to helping our church find a ways to walk out their own ministry, not just on Sunday mornings,  but every day. One of our fundamental goals in every ministry team is to help you grow in your ability to see what God is doing in your life, and in the lives around you, every day. 

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  • Welcome TeaM

    These great people help create and ensure an atmosphere that invites people to enter into worship. More than a friendly face, the Welcome Team encourages people to find a place of belonging and to encounter the Father who loves them. They answer questions and help people find the resources they need - including kids ministry.  And also coffee.

  • Prayer Team

    Our prayer team meets Sunday evenings praising our Father for His presence and activity in our lives. We serve the community of Center Church; lifting our petitions to the Lord, interceding for Center Church and celebrating the victories we see all the time!  It is an amazing place to get to know God in a whole new way!

  • Tech Team

    The tech team-  those amazing people who know how to make all of the cool stuff work. They run sound, lights and video.  They endure all the pressure and receive none of the glory.  (Seriously, no one pays attention to the sound guy until something is screeching.) Are you the person all your friends come to when their gadgets don't work right?  This might be the team for you. 

  • Worship Band

    These are the musicians who create opportunities through music-driven worship for Center to open our hearts to the Lord, to dwell in His presence and marinate to His Word. They put in a lot of hours every week preparing their hearts and gifts to lead others into worship.

  • Communications Team

    Do you have graphic design skills?  Are you a writer?  Did you design your own graduation announcement?  And are you driven by a desire to use those gifts to help people find and deepen a relationship with Jesus. This team uses these skills so that others find opportunities for connections with our Savior and with our church family.

  • Environment Team

    This team designs and builds elements that create an environment that invites people into worship of a Savior more magnificent than our imaginations. This team includes the artists who create the ideas and the carpenters who make those ideas become reality. 

  • Kids Ministry Team

    These are the amazing, kid-crazy people who create a safe, fun and interactive environment for our kids to worship and learn more about the Father who loves them so much!

  • Community Care + Outreach

    These teams  help our community and neighbors meet practical needs: moving furniture, mowing lawns and offering a ride. They prepare meals for someone who under the weather. These are usually simple acts that make a huge difference in the lives all around us.

  • Youth Ministry Team

    These young adults come along side our youth every Sunday evenings at youth group, and beyond to provide examples in living real life as a Jesus follower and also a team mate Qtip Cannons and other important life skills.

  • Build Team

    These are the people who can hit a nail with a hammer and can run a skill saw. These amazing humans have built our tech booth, stage, walls... and the fake windows the environment team brought us for Easter. They build shelves in closets, so we can store food, so we can feed hungry people. 

  • Staff Assistants

    These are our heroes who work in the office, run errands, and clean windows and coffee pots. In just an hour or two they bring order to chaos and make ministry happen.