April 24: Love Stilly 2022

One Sunday morning, every spring, Center Church leaves the walls and routines of Sunday morning to share the love of Jesus in some real and practical ways with Stillwater. This often involves spring cleaning, yard work or painting; prior to the Covidian Era, it also included visits to nursing homes - we hope to return to this again. Love Stilly is, simply, one of our very favorite days. It reminds us of who we are as a church.

This page contains some basic information for the day, and, most importantly, a registration form. Please fill out this form prior to April 17 so we can put you on a team and initiate the essential information. (Might as well fill it out today. since you're here.)


Sunday morning we will work about 15 teams, each with a specific assignment in the community. In the four weeks prior to the event, every person at church will sign up for a category of work to be done (either indoor, or outdoor or (hopefully) visiting the nursing homes.) Team assignments are made with these requests in mind.

Each team is usually 5-10 people. Our 412 Kids generally are assigned with a parent and the Sprouts usually stay at church with their teachers. 

The form to register is located at the bottom of this page. (Just throwing this out here again, so you don't forget to scroll.)

What to expect

Good question. You will find specific details from your assigned team lead before the event, but here are The Basics:

On Sunday, we arrive at church at 9:30 to check in and find our teams. We depart the building at 10:00, heading to our assignment. We return to the building at noon for lunch all together, We will share pictures and stories as we share the meal. 

You can also expect to work hard, have fun, and build new relationships with church family, Most importantly, we expect to be a blessing to our neighbors, to share the love that Jesus has for them and be His face in Stillwater. And His arms. And also His legs. Because it is also work.

Team Lead + Assignment

Team Leads have two important jobs. #1. In the week before the event, each team lead will visit the assignment, meet the contact,  assess the work to be done, create a list of tools needed to accomplish the job, and secure needed tools & equipment. 

#2. Team lead will also reach out to his or her team, and let them know what their assignment is, as well as communicate any necessary tools (yard tools, gloves, guitars, etc.)

Also, team lead should talk with Renee or Reed if any questions arise. Cuz we got you!

The Form.

Congrats! You've made it all the way to the sign up form. Thank you for your endurance! And thank you for signing up. The logistics involved in Love Stilly are a bit on the ridiculous side - and your registration helps very much!

A note to families: You may list 412 kids with you in the "notes" section of this form, as long as you would like them assigned to the same type of team that you will be doing. So, if mom will be doing indoor work, and the kids are going with dad to outdoor work, include the kids with dad's registration. And if this is confusing, just send an email to Renee. Or text. 

Hang tight while we prepare your form...

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